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  • Hunter

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    • 06-10-2016
      vorher: 99,00 € JETZT: 65,00 €
    1 - 30 von 37 styles
    30 150
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    History: Now firmly established as a style classic, Hunter Wellington Boots were originally designed for walking in Scotland's rugged terrain and combating its unpredictable weather. Since then, the reputation of Hunter wellies for performance, durability and outstanding comfort has become legendary. Hunter's most famous welly, the original Green wellington, was made in the winter of 1955. It was the first orthopaedic boot that they made and was launched alongside the Royal Hunter another boot that remains in Hunter's range today. Today, Hunter remains the preferred brand of wellies for those who like to work hard and play hard - there's a great range of Hunter boots to suit welly wearers all over the world - from the Royal Family to festival-goers, working farmers and landed gentry alike.

    Key Styles: Womens: Original Welly, Short Classic Welly, Original Lace Welly, Regent Riding Welly Mens: Original Welly Kids: Classic Welly Accessories: Fleece Welly Socks, UV Tech Boot Polish, Boot Buffer,