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  • Clarks Originals

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    • 12-02-2019
      vorher: 160,00 € JETZT: 108,00 €
    • 07-03-2019
      vorher: 170,00 € JETZT: 68,00 €
    • 07-02-2019
      vorher: 120,00 € JETZT: 60,00 €
    • 07-02-2019
      vorher: 140,00 € JETZT: 56,00 €
    • 25-01-2016
      vorher: 120,00 € JETZT: 54,00 €
    1 - 30 von 34 styles
    30 150
    1 2

    Clark's original Brand
    Known for quality, durability and comfort, the Clarks Originals collection features classic, timeless designs for men, women and kids. Explore iconic Wallabee Shoes and Desert Boots here and don’t forget to cast an eye over our Clarks Originals sale for unbelievable bargains. Get yours quick!
    Everyone has heard of Clarks shoes and there's good reason for it too. The brand has seen a world of change since it was founded in the 1820s, and lives to tell the tale. Fashion footwear trends have come and gone; more fleeting as the music, art and other movements that inspired them, but Clarks shoes, boots and trainers have only gained more popularity and momentum over the years. If you’re looking for Clarks shoes, we have a huge range right here at OFFICE, with options for women, men and kids.
    Iconic designs including the Desert Boot and the Wallabee Shoe have reigned supreme for decades; they've been picked up by artists, thinkers and workers from all walks of life and your next pair is ready and waiting for you here in the collection of Clarks Originals at OFFICE.
    Explore quality and enduring style, and you'll find that Clarks Boots and Shoes' heart and heritage is still packed into the protective and fashionable designs that care for their customers feet on a daily basis. Shop Clarks Originals for men, women and children today, and you'll also find a great range of sale items, just waiting to be snapped up – just browse our Clarks shoes sale.
    Or if you’d like to check out our Clarks Outlet, just visit our Offcuts site.