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  • Blowfish

    30 150
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    • 06-05-2015
      vorher: 40,00 € JETZT: 19,00 €
    • 27-01-2016
      vorher: 40,00 € JETZT: 25,00 €
    • 28-03-2018
      vorher: 30,00 € JETZT: 25,00 €
    • 24-10-2013
      vorher: 55,00 € JETZT: 27,00 €
    1 - 30 von 88 styles
    30 150
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    Blowfish Brand
    From casual and heeled ankle boots to slip-on pumps and sandals, Blowfish design plenty of on-trend embellished shoes for different occasions, and you'll find a great range to choose from at OFFICE. For an even better deal, our Blowfish shoes sale is packed with affordable styles you'll want to snap up now.
    About: Blowfish think personal style is just another form of self-expression...and they make shoes for creative girls who can put together a look with effortless originality. Blowfish takes a break from the ordinary and a cue from the past. There's something unexpected in every shoe they create, just as there's something unexpected about every girl who wears them. Blowfish Malibu takes influence from the sand, sea and surf of the laid back LA lifestyle with a vast collection consisting of stylish pumps, cute plimsolls and embellished sandals as well as an on trend selection of boots. Embellishment has always been key to the Blowfish Malibu’s collections. Features such as ruffles, bows and charms have been used throughout the range on both sandals and pumps to create an on trend collection of fashionable and wearable styles. Free Delivery on Blowfish *Full Price Products only *UK mainland only

    Key Styles: Jeno, Hammish Mid, Wheaton, Jao, Twisted Sister