Die Schuhe von Ask the Missus Schuhe sind exklusiv bei OFFICE erhältlich und versorgen dich mit den aktuellsten Herrenschuh-Trends. Die Kollektion wird in London designt und legt einen Schwerpunkt auf vielseitige Must-haves für die Saison – von Sandalen über legere Alltags-Styles bis hin zu formelleren Silhouetten für jeden Anlass.
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    • 07-12-2017
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    1 - 6 von 6 styles
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    Ask the Missus Brand
    Always representing the latest men's trends, Ask the Missus boots and shoes are available only from OFFICE. You'll find remarkable quality and premium materials suited to a man who knows the value of a good first impression. If you're looking for a bargain, head on over to our Ask The Missus sale - you'll be spoilt for choice.
    History: Masters of street footwear Ask the Missus, is exclusively available to Office making its debut appearance in 2004 creating a perfect medium in men’s footwear. Proving to be a big hit and filling that essential gap in the menswear market ‘ask the missus’ bounces into fashion conscious wardrobes season after season. This funky label is for the fashion-forward thinking male who craves to be included in the ‘style pack’ but still needs a certain element of approval that he has his finger on the trend pulse, to ask the missus so to speak. Renowned for its cult classics, Ask the Missus at Office emits a range of conventional yet inimitable works of art for the man whose shoes do the talking.