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  • Vagabond

    30 150
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    • 03-04-2017
      vorher: 80,00 € JETZT: 41,60 €
    1 - 30 von 59 styles
    30 150
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    Founded in the late 1960’s in Varberg, Sweden, Vagabond has been dedicated to style for generations. Designed and crafted in Sweden, Vagabond shoes have that minimal Scandi style that has been a fashion focus for years. Their materials are carefully selected to bring you the latest trends and perfect new shoes for your wardrobe every season. Taking their name from the idea of being an adventurous soul, Vagabond shoes embody all things rebellious and take on chunky silhouettes, mixed materials and standout style. Strut your stuff in these fashion forward shoes that add a touch of 90’s grunge girl vibe to the everyday.