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  • Fly London

    30 150
    1 1 - 9 von 9 styles
    • 15-10-2015
      vorher: 150,00 € JETZT: 86,00 €
    1 - 9 von 9 styles
    30 150

    Fly London Brand
    About: Targeted at the global fashion market, FLY London shoes are uncompromising in their styling and design. From the very beginning FLY's design philosophy has been to create original fashion shoes using traditional construction techniques in an unexpected way. The sole designs, constructions and uppers, help keep FLY at the forefront of fashion. FLY London lines attain modern, eclectic, but timeless style, not strongly linked to a particular season or trend. As "following fashion" takes on a light of superficiality, the influence is more on an individual research of details from different sources creating a stronger identity.

    Key Styles: Fly Mol, Ota, Metis, Vuel