Office spot of the week 🍦

What do you do on your lunch break when the sun is beaming and want to catch a quick tan? You obviously go on the hunt for ice-cream. We happen to be right in the heart of London’s food scene, where the options are endless and we are often left out of pocket, due to endless feasting. Luckily, just a short walk away, we came across Soft Serve Society, which happens to be an ice-cream utopia. The menu is limited but the flavor combinations pack a punch. Offering three flavored soft serves, one can expect candy floss toppings, decadent sauces and many sprinkles to choose from. This ice-cream emporium allows adults to tap into their inner child, and enjoy the best type of sugar rush. What did we go for?

Cloud 9: Vanilla Ice-cream, berry candyfloss and popping candy

Espresso yourself: Vanilla affogato and crumbed oreas

Flavour of the week: Charcoal and coconut ice-cream, bubblegum sprinkles and a toasted marshmallow.

Want something sweet? This is your place 🍦 If ice-cream isn’t your thing, Freak Shakes are just as delicious.



How to choose the perfect date for Prom 💕

The Prom clock is ticking, and we know how important it is to look your very best for this occasion. It is however, more important to feel great with your date, and when we mean date, we mean with your shoes ofcourse. We believe in starting with your shoes first and then planning your outfit to pair perfectly with your (shoe) date. We share some sound advice in how to choose the right date:

  • High heels: Some of us can rock these and some of us choose not too. We stock a great selection of high-heels, and we love these high styles in metallics, nudes or a statement colours. Your actual date would need to be your height in these heels or a touch taller would be great too (just saying). Paired with a long flowing dress or cute babydoll frock, make sure your heels shine throughout the evening.
  • Sparkle or not too sparkle: Embellished heels are great for Prom. They add a glitzy  statement to your look. We like to pair these heels with nude satin dresses or a LBD (little black dress). Choose sparkle if your outfit is minimal, and don’t be shy in making your shoe date known. Your actual date should be the accessory to the look, let the shoes be one of the main features alongside your gorgeous self.
  • Trainers: We are big fans of trainers making their debut at your Prom, whats not too like about this look? They are comfortable and will leave you being the last one on the dance floor. Thankfully, most trainers come in great nude hues and look great with your chosen dress. We like soft pink Vans or cream Converse Exclusives for your Prom look, and we have no doubt your actual date will be super impressed by your shoe choice.


The sun is shining this week, guess what is on our mind? 🌞

The sun is set to shine this week, and when we mean shine, it looks like we might even reach 28 degrees this weekend. Take note, temperatures as such causes big smiles, sandal fun and longer evening festivities. Our latest sandals leave you feeling on trend, where we have you rocking this scorcher week in style 🌞  What do we have planned for this week? A few hang outs that will be featuring this week’s calendar:

Dalston Roof Park 💕

Expect a chilled but fun atmosphere. Watch the sunset with friends and enjoy a few mandatory G&Ts. The roof park has various events on, so keep up to date with that is happening. Do dance, have fun, eat and enjoy the evening sun. Ideal shoes? Scorpion, Santorini or our Sassy mules.

Victoria Park 💕

Taking a long lunch from the office? Why not visit one of London’s oldest parks, built in 1845. Take a little picnic, a blanket and a good book. The perfect excuse to catch up on a tan. Ideal shoes? Birkenstocks, Haviannas or Mules.

Aviary 💕

Panoramic views of London, located in the trendy spot of Shoreditch, the Aviary is the perfect spot to take in the sunshine and enjoy delicious cocktails. A bit pricey but worth the views. Ideal Shoes? Hollie, Moonlight or Syrup.

Soft Serve Society 💕

What would Summer be without enjoy an over indulgent and sugar coated ice-cream? Listen we love ice-cream, all day everyday. The Soft Serve Society in Boxpark serves up one of the best ice-creams, go for a Cloud 9, vanilla ice-cream served with popping candy and berry candyfloss. Or go for a Freakshake? Either way, this cold dessert parlor hits the spot. Ideal shoes? Maniac, Hoxton or Warner

Santander cycle 💕

Looking for a quick break and wanting to enjoy the city? Find yourself a Santander bike and explore your hood. Ideal Shoes? Any sneaker woulds do, we do advise closed shoes for this.

Street Feast 💕

You need to get yourself to one of the four venues that belong to the Street Feast team, they open from Friday onwards, and this is great spot to dine, drink and share good memories with friends. Ideal shoes? Flats or modern trainers. 

The SS17 Edit #officeloves

Have you visited our latest campaign page? If you have, fabulous! If not, check it out for all your Spring/Summer styling tips (hurry, as the shoes are selling out fast). Our latest SS17 edit gives you all the shoe inspiration you need, and all the season essentials you need to own. Styling tips from professional stylist Candice Bailey is shared and she shows you how best to exhibit the ‘it’ shoes. Expect themes of pastel shades, touches of sparkle, fluffy heels and hot trainers. What’s your favourite look?

How to wear your trainers to work


Some people love it, some people despise it, but getting ready for work can be an interesting task. Your outfit is dependent on your working environment and your profession of course. Most companies are modernizing with fashion trends, and slowly embracing the trainer trend. Or is the working world becoming more accepting that the commute to work needs to be a comfortable and stylish? Either way, trainers are a must-have, and we love it when we see more of this trend during the week. There are some guidelines to follow when you are wishing to rock your kicks, and we have a few do’s and don’ts that will help you feel smart but cool at the same time.

The Do’s:

  • Invest in a trusted brand that you can wear throughout the week, shoes that wear well and maintains their shape
  • We like to suggest subtle coloured trainers for work, so muted tones or the classic black and white
  • Pair your trainers
  • with a great dress
  • Less is always more, so keep it minimal but still cool
  • Keep your trainers classic, leave statement pieces for the weekend unless your working environment allows for some jazzy footwork
  • If you do like colour, a touch of it can be seen on your trainers (accent colours can be formal)
  • Build your collection, and love your trainers
  • Trainers look great with a suit

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t be shy to rock this trend, it is comfortable and stylish, what more could you want?
  • Do not forget to tie your laces
  • Don’t let your trainers get grubby, trainer etiquette all the way

Shop our Adidas, Nike and Converse trainers.

MTV Movie & TV Awards 2017

Whilst the MTV Movie Awards was less star studded than the recent Met Gala, we did notice a few shoes that would be a great new addition to your night-out wardrobe. Stars that caught our attention was Cara Delevigne, Emma Watson and Alison Wilson. Sequined dresses were a popular choice for this event, paired with high stilettos or over the knee boots. Looking for some wardrobe inspiration for the weekend? Look no further.


Shop Nickle, Alana and Kandy

Men look good in Pink

It has come to our fashion attention, that more and more gentlemen are rocking pink. This feminine hue has always been around the male fashion scene, but it’s prominence now is more so than ever. This trend is being explored through shoes, varied pink sweatshirts and soft silk shirts. Pink was a popular highlight on the Spring runway. You could be daring, and go all out in your pink suit or take on subtle hints of the colour through your shoes and denim jackets. British GQ coined the spring trend as ‘Get Pinked’ and we quite like it.

Shop our latest Mens shoes


TOMS are famous for their comfortable footwear collection, but most of all their powerful difference they make within the world. Improving people’s lives is what they strive for, they focus on providing clean water, safe birth, new shoes, improved sight, number keeping (coming soon) and sharing kindness.  During the 5th-12th of May 2017 #StandWithToms by purchasing one of their pins and supporting one of their causes. Pin your garment of choice, and share it through social channels to raise awareness on one of their 6 unique ‘gives’.

Lottie Moss and Office Converse Exclusives

It is the start of festival season, and with Coachella being an introduction into what to expect, we cannot wait for more fashion sightings to come. Who caught our attention? No doubt Lottie Moss. Lottie flaunted her English style in our Converse exclusives. The newest colours to launch are Buff, Bisque, Vapour Pink, Eggnog and Egret Rose Gold Exclusives. Whilst we think you need to own each colour for your Converse edition, these subtle shades suited the action packed American music festival.

If you’re looking to style these new shoes, take a page from Lottie’s style diary. Paired with flowing skirts and feminine dresses, Converse are a great Summer shoe choice. We like that these shoes can be taken from festivals to every-day working environments, and still remain on trend (and comfortable).


Ready for the Bank holiday weekend?

It’s Thursday, and we are pretty sure you’re just as excited as we are for the three day weekend. Whether you are deciding to lie low and regain your energy for the following week or instead have a calendar filled with fun activities, three-days of bliss lie ahead. We find it a priority to assure your wardrobe is ready for each activity, especially when you need to show off your perfect Office shoes, and we have wide range of shoes suited for any event. Whether your plans include a delicious brunch, a night out with your friends or a classic family event, don’t fall short on picking the right shoes.

Styles like the  Heather Bow mule, Fizzy Embroidered flat and Mighty Block Heel points will have you on trend for the long weekend. These shoes are great from day to night, working well with tapered denims, culottes or fabulous suits. We have suggested touches of pink, as this is a popular season colour and great for creating a subtle statement. Enjoy your Bank holiday!

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